Friday, December 3, 2010

Hidden Treasures Within

I just had to take a photo of my new guitar.  It is a simple, no frills gift to myself.  When I left Canada, I took along a capo knowing that I would likely be buying the guitar.  I didn't want to take one of my guitars from my home in Canada because of weight and baggage limits.  I knew that I needed to have more to do to fill the hours in China.  Teaching, lesson preparation, walking and photography are not enough to fill all the hours, especially since I am not keen on hanging out with ex-pats in bars.  But, it is hard to spend the money on myself - feeling guilty when others have so little, especially since I already own two other guitars.

Denying myself the access to music just built up pressure within.  I am not a great musician, just another guy from the flower child generation that found a refuge in music and a way to be with others through music.  Now, it is a way to be with myself.  When I allow my words to flow on the keyboard and through music, I become more peaceful and as a result, become a person easier to be around - less tense, less repressed, less silent.

And so, I begin again the work of building calluses on the tips of my fingers, working through some pain in order to release the treasures hidden within my soul.