Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Relocating Around a Firewall

Toronto, Ontario Skyline, August 2010
The problems with the Wordpress™ service in China has forced me to find a different host for the blog series that I have maintained for the past two years.  I hope my readers will follow me here and bare with me until such time as I either return to the Wordpress™ site or establish my own domain name site.  With that said, I want to continue on with the posts.

Today’s photo was taken in Toronto in late August just the day before I boarded the plane for China.  This is the modern version of a cathedral for the religion of commerce in the service of the god, Mammon.  Mammon as a god, is a god outside of the human psyche, a god located in power, in money, in things, in stuff.  The route to this god is in pursuit of money and power, and the worship of money and power.  And, like any other "religion," it can only lead to an emptiness, a realisation that one's individual humanity and spirit has been betrayed and one has lost all meaning.
"What one could almost call a systematic blindness is simply the effect of the prejudice that God is outside of man."  (Jung, Psychology and Religion, par. 100)
Somehow, as I struggle with meaning, for my own "raison d'être," I find myself shedding stuff, needing less.  Perhaps it is simply more about aging than about individuation and I delude myself into thinking that becoming more conscious leaves one less "needful" of the stuff of Mammon.  Perhaps . . . 


  1. Even though I am going to school to better myself so I can support my family, I have less of an interest in the money I might make, and more of an interest in the journey of remaking myself. I'm not sure fighting against the creative side of me in lieu of a more scientific outlook is working.. It seems I will always be my dreamy self, but I am learning much and creating beautiful scapes within me to treasure...

    I am intimate with some older people and what I find is that the mature soul has such a precious quality to it...I treasure my friends that have weathered life and to me, I cannot explain why, but they are the most beautiful people.

    I love coming here to read what you say and the more honest you are in opening yourself to the analysis at hand, the better off we are for reading.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Beautiful, for the comment. It is good to see the first comment on this new version of my blog site. I hope others make their way here from my old site. I agree that there is something compelling about older people, a hidden beauty and perhaps a hidden inner wisdom that acts like a magnet. I see this in China where my female students at the university are drawn to the mature male. Perhaps it is because older people appreciate with depth, the flower of younger people and at the same time, present a calmness and sense of protection and power to the young . . . curious.

  3. I think so. I think to, that while I am not yet able to trust myself that the mature male that has weathered the wild does seem to be a bridge for me, a bridge, or a small step toward being unafraid to fly. I don't really know what I am afraid of, but something is blocked, and I can't seem to be free....more later.

  4. That mature male is your anima, your soul that is within you, not a real male on the outside world. Placing this on a real-life male is projection. Of course, projection is unconscious. Now all that needs to happen is to think about this and begin to reclaim the good stuff of self from the other.